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Life Coaching Services



Not sure where to begin? During the intake session, I will lead you through the process of creating goals that help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. This is the opportunity to share your heart with me so I can help you turn your dreams into achievable goals. You will leave this session with specific next steps.


Disordered Eating
Coaching Sessions

Many of the "healthy" eating behaviors promoted in the media are actually UNhealthy. They do not come from science, research, or results. They are watered down, normalized versions of behaviors seen in people with eating disorders. Do you struggle with restrictive dieting? calorie counting? excessive exercise? emotional eating? negative body image? In these sessions, you will learn how to develop a healthy relationship with the way you view food, exercise, and yourself.


MINDSET Coaching Sessions

In these coaching sessions, we will address aspects of The MINDSET Approach to help you achieve your goals:


Next Steps

Define Boundaries


Exercise, Sleep, & Nutrition

Train Your Brain


What is Life Coaching?

As your life coach, I have the opportunity to look at you and see the potential for you to achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies and skills, I will help you define and understand yourself so that you can create the life you envision. I will help you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you, and celebrate with you. I will help you create a plan with detailed action steps and hold you accountable for following through. I will use skills such as observing, active listening, asking empowering questions, challenging, motivating, and holding you accountable. We will not counsel or analyze the past. Life coaching is based on the belief that you already possess the intrinsic ability to determine and achieve your goals. It is focused on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help - and that's what I'm here for!

Disclaimer: Life coaching is not therapy, and I cannot provide treatment for mental health disorders.

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