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IS IT YOUR DREAM TO BE ON SURVIVOR? Part of making that dream a reality is submitting an audition video to the casting team that will grab their attention and give you a call back. I spent SIX YEARS perfecting my audition video to finally get cast on Season 42 of Survivor. On top of that, I have 10+ years of experience competing in pageants which involves answering questions and marketing yourself to set yourself apart to the judges. I also have experience in working as a resume builder aka helping people stand out to potential employers.


I will watch and provide very specific and detailed feedback. It will be custom tailored to you. Nothing is cut and paste.


I am a Survivor superfan like many of you. People told me my dream of being on Survivor was unrealistic, but I refused to believe that. I worked hard over 6 years to curate an audition video that would grab their interest and make them want to put me on the show. As a fellow superfan, I would love to help make other people's dreams come true of being on Survivor. The first step is getting a stand-out audition video. And I can help you with that!! :)

Survivor Audition Video Feedback

  • I am fundraising for charity to provide therapy scholarships for people who need therapy but can’t afford it. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Joshua Center!!

  • Send your video link or file to

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